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Tips for house painting

Professional painters of G & R Painting share some tried and tested tips in this blog that will make your task easier. Read on to know how to tackle the potential difficulties properly.

Know how temperature will affect the paint

Before you start painting, consider how a sharp temperature drop will impact the application of the paint. Run your own research to learn about the major characteristics of the chosen paint including its drying pattern.

Alkyd paints (paints that contain a base of natural oils and resins) turn thicker at lower temperatures. Thus, you must apply thinners more liberally.
Latex paints freeze easily at low temperatures. You need to be using special additives to avoid their melting.

The paint should not cross the expiry date

Almost every variety of paint has an expiry date. Before applying a paint make sure it is still usable. Latex paints that form lumps are to be thrown away.

The nature is too powerful for us to control. So it is best to get into harmony with it. If you do decide that you want to pain during the winter, make sure to check the weather forecast and do the job during the days that are most likely to have sunshine and are a little warmer than usual. If you can manage a few days when the temperature won’t drop below a certain point, your task will become much easier and hassle-free. Plan your paint job accordingly.

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