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Pressure Washing

by experienced professionals

G & R Painting provides high-pressure jet washing services, specializing in soft washing and low pressure exterior steam cleaning. We are extremely skilled and have many years professional experience in all services including brick, stone, patio, render and roof cleaning alongside all aspects of exterior paint removal.

We use the very best in both professional pressure washing and specialized, ensuring that every individual surface that we clean is cleaned efficiently, effectively and to the very highest of professional standards, with spotless finishes and full color restorations always guaranteed.

Block Paving

Pressure washing ensures professional and friendly block paving. We are serving most areas of Oregon. You will be surprised how we manage to clean pavers. Our high-pressure rotating surface cleaners and sprinklers are specially designed for pressure washing for block paving and can change any paved surface or paved driveway.


Concrete, construction, building material, known as a solid, chemically inert particle aggregate (mostly sand and gravel) which binds together with cement and water. The type of aggregate or cement used in concrete is characterized by the specific characteristics of the process used to produce it.


G & R Painting has everything to help you create a high quality decking area in your garden. Decking is a beautiful and practical way to modernize your outdoor space and G & R Painting gives you many options to choose from. Our combined decking is ready to install without the need for any stains or sealants, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.


A driveways is much more than just a convenient off-street parking space. An attractive, modern driveway can be created a strong first impression. It also adds value to your home – especially when parking is tight a premium no matter where your area.


Fencing serves different purposes for your property. Attractive fences can not only keep pets and children in your yard but also mark property lines, this is a great way to provide privacy from neighbors and add to your existing yard.


A garages is a practical and versatile addition to your outdoor space that provides plenty of storage space and flexibility. Ideal for both storage and your next home improvement project, a garage can be used in a variety of ways. Available in different sizes and styles for any space and specifications.


Outbuildings are a popular home addition that is increasingly being used in residential properties. Outbuilding can be an ideal solution if you are looking for ways to expand your home. With so much extra space, you can use our products for a variety of purposes.


A patios provide a great and inviting outdoor stay during the summer months and beyond. The design of the right garden can be invaluable even in winter, as a terrace provides a weather-resistant place to gather around a fireplace.


Pressure washing services offed by our team cover, Portland metro area. For further distances please contact our team direct via telephone or email.

For free quotations simply contact our team direct via telephone or Email to arrange for one of our experienced pressure washing experts to visit your property at a specific time and date suitable for you. While at your property our team will provide you with a free quotation on the day and also provide you with any information regarding the recommended cleaning process or any further questions you may have.

If you prefer to obtain a quotation for pressure washing or steam cleaning services over the phone or Email please simply send us over as many pictures as possible along with a contact number and general location and one of or team will get back to you within minutes.

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